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Turner Classic Movies

Photo Tour: JAWS a 35th Anniversary Tribute Page 3.

The autograph line stretches back into the theater and lasted for over an hour and a half.

Carl begins to sign. .

WWII Pacific vet Joe Beacom and family.

Artist Steve Denniston.

Fact meets Fiction; Clarence joins Carl.

Carl signs the Jaws poster.

Mystery Manor owner Wayne Seely, John Schmidt, Judi Morinelli, Bruce Crawford.

Logistics Staff left to right: John Russo, Mike Hansen, Sean Beacom, Bruce Crawford, Michael Beacom, Jason Burns, Dana Boden, Joseph & Kirk Kunze.

Judi Morinelli, Clarence Hupka, Bruce Crawford, Carl Gottlieb, after a most historic and unforgettable night.
Photos by Michael Beacom, Jeff Peterson and John Schmidt.

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