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Turner Classic Movies

Upcoming Events: (Updated October 15, 2018).

Film historian Bruce Crawford will present the 1985 classic Back To the Future on Friday, November 9th at Joslyn Art Museum, 2200 Dodge Street. Back To the Future has become one of the most popular adventure comedies in cinema history and spawned 2 sequels as well as comic books and video games and much more.

In addition to the special event screening, writer, producer and co creator of all three Back to the Future films, Bob Gale, will address the audience.

And actor Harry Waters Jr., who played singer Marvin Berry in the film, will also speak before the screening about the making of this iconic film. There will also be a meet-and-greet and autograph session for the fans.

Tickets to see and hear Bob Gale and Harry Waters Jr. at Back to the Future at Joslyn Art Museum, go on sale Thursday, October 4th for $24 each. They can be purchased at the customer service counters of all Omaha-area Hy-Vee food stores. Proceeds will benefit the Nebraska Kidney Association. For more information call (402) 932-7200 or (308) 830-2121.

See you November 9th for BACK TO THE FUTURE!


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